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So far, this is the most powerful box I have used that will run my netflix account with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!. This unit boots up extremely fast, and works without any issues. No lagging or buffering while logged into my Netflix account. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something to run their home media center. It will run Spotify, or any other entertainment application without any issues. Their shipping took a little bit of... Read more

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  • 11 hours ago
  • #944020

Do not purchase this box. Tech support is by email only. Amazes me how they stay in business.

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Terrible customer service!!!!! Ordered a box over a month ago. When I got the box I didn't receive it until 3weeks after I ordered it. When I got the box it didn't work or even turn on. The customer service rep assured me that this is 1 in a million it's rare for one of there boxes to be defective. I was told to ship it back at my own expense and when they receive the box it would promptly be replaced with 2 day shipping. OK so they ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 20
  • #940459

I ordered the box and it was a horrible decision. It was purely a waste of time and money. I'm telling you do not I repeat do not buy there products

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I feel totally ripped off!I purchased a Firestick from this company and it hasn't worked correctly since I received it. I tried to call customer support and the person on the other end just talked over me and told me my firestick was working fine, I told him it wasn't and he started arguing with me and hung up,then I tried to email the company and they won't answer my emails, all I want is to get a little help with what I bought and be able to... Read more

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This is the most reliable box on the market. I have tried literally every single box on the market. After trying the Code box, I was sold. I have it for 3 of my TV's, and I have bought 3 more as gifts for my family. These are the best boxes on the market. Literally no buffering (mind you I have 100 MBPS internet speed) and has all the programs I want. You can even use your own Netflix account to login and watch what you want. It is definitely... Read more

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I ordered a unlocked fire stick Sept 30 and was told I would have to wait 14 days to receive my order, called the number that was given to me to ask about my order and spoke to a man who was beyond rude. after being told I should receive a tracking number withing the week I hung up then called back to ask for my money back the EXACT same person answered and was magically able to see all my information thought a zip code I had given him. I asked... Read more

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Got the code box from the company. Hooked it up and right away was able to access all the best content. It was the fastest box I have ever tried, I even tried some of my buddies boxes and theirs dont even come close. I was able to watch all the programming I wanted to. I was even able to login to my netflix account to watch some netflix only content. I dabbled in the google play store a little bit, and was able to check out some games. With... Read more

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I ordered a CodeTV box on 9/11. I got my order in about 2 and half weeks later. It worked for the first 2 days then stopped. I was told I needed to get internet speed of at least 20bpms for my box to work. I switched over to Cox, and am getting readings between 22-24bpms- which is more than sufficient. I have tried resolving the issue with them. On the first call to them for this problem I was told it must be done by email- no phone calls. I... Read more

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First off wow this is an amazing piece of equipment. I ordered the box then thought to look at some of the reviews of this company code TV. I googled and I came here. This site made me immediately made me second guess this company so I emailed them my concerns, they got back to me in minutes and explained to me what they do the programing that needs to be done to these boxes are very different from anything similar that you can get from Amazon.... Read more

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